Key arguments in my book

bookcoverimage (1) 99 percent of PUBLIC SCHOOL MISSION STATEMENTS do not provide school officials with workable mandates because progress toward them cannot be measured.  The high tone language of these statements mislead  parents, students, teachers and the public to believe that school administrators know what a good democratic education is, and that’s not true.  Immeasurable mission statements are smoke screens that obscure policies and administrative practices that actually discourage student learning.  It is impossible to have good schools when their mission statements are un-actionable fictions.

(2)  Public Schools will improve only when schools adopt the democratic, measurable mission statement described in my book, and when school officials assiduously adhere to it and measure progress towards it.  THE CORRECT MISSION STATEMENT IN CHAPTER 1 OF MY BOOK  will give school officials a powerful new concept of good public education and a powerful new mandate!

(4) Public school administrations are autocratic and therefore incapable of teaching democratic habits, character and skills – mainly because they do not practice them themselves.

(5) The limited public school curricula are created by autocrats and do not serve the life-quality needs of students nor students’ desires to make choices for themselves.

(6) Students fear and resent tests that classify them as smart or dumb instead of helping them identify what remains to be achieved to reach their personal goals.  They therefore resist learning and fail to develop necessary democratic character traits of trust (of their teachers), honesty, cooperation, creativity, self-reliance and autonomy.

(7)  Public schools could, but do not, serve the learning needs of children 1 to 5 years of age, even though science has proven that proper care during these years has vital life-long effects on children’s abilities to learn and enjoy quality adult lives.