Missions, What I belive


I have been researching learning for many years and, like many citizens, I think the majority of our public schools are deficient.  The outcome of decade after decade of Band-Aid treatments continue to be disappointing.

I have, what I am convinced, is a simple but powerful reform mission statement that everyone can understand and support, that if, adopted and followed, would profoundly reform public education.  So far schools are not paying much attention to it.  The reason, I think, is that runs counter to so much that goes on within school walls.   Here it is.

‘The mission of public schools is to insure that every activity improves the quality of the lives of all constituents; students, teachers, administrators, parents and community members, and that those conditions that do not, are eliminated.

On slideshare.net/jamesleiter you or anyone can read my vision for reform that logically follows from this mission.  Some of the benefits I foresee are:  more profound learning for all students, much greater student motivation and initiative, fewer dropouts and discipline problems, better student preparation for work and democratic adult life, more meaningful work for teachers and administrators.

Before this mission can effect public education it has to be understood by educations and the general public.  To this end I would like to explain or debate it and the reforms it entails with any group of educators or officials you suggest; your board, teachers, students, citizens and schools and other school officials.  I would visit at practically any time to do so.  The debate title I prefer is: What is the purpose of public education?

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