#2 What is learning? Teaching?

In my book Democratic Education I define learning and teaching as:

Learning is the acquisition of information and skills that cause students to modify their behaviors in ways to improve the quality of their lives or avoid experiences and situations that con diminish the quality of their lives.” (Slide 24)

Teaching is any activity that supports student learning. It requires helping all students set clear, quality-of-life-enhancing learning goals; then coaching them on how best to achieve them and giving them regular feedback on their progress.”

Our object is to gather education reform ideas from everyone interested in improving public education.

We ask you to please type your reply below and tell us that these are the best possible definitions of learning and teaching or that a better definition of learning would be _________ and a better definition of teaching would be _________.

Thanks very much.

Yours Truly,
Democratic Education: James Leiter, Samantha Alvarez, Juan Luis Trejo

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