You can help reform public education


IMG_3628I, James Leiter, Jr., the author of this book, have found that most citizens have opinions on what constitutes good public education. Since public schools mirror citizen’s opinions, our many bad schools can only become good ones if hosts of citizens and civic groups keep constant school reform pressure on the officials responsible for our bad schools.  

I published this book as a guide to students, teachers, parents and citizen groups who are fed-up with bad schools so they can write and publish their own well informed public education opinion books, articles and letters that pressure the politicians and educators to make needed reforms.

I particularly invite reform advocates to initiate or join authoring workshops and to use my book as a guide for what they write.  It provides a general format and research they can choose to take into account or not.  It is  published in the public domain so anyone can use the text and research I have cited; alter or ignore my ideas and texts, and substitute their own opinions or research as they see fit. 

The object is to encourage all kinds of citizens and groups to develop and communicate their informed reform opinions  to educators and politicians and demand that they take them into account in reforming our schools. A constant flood of reform demands from a variety of ethnic and social groups is society’s best hope for needed, radical school reform.